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Enabling Data Sovereignty through a Decentralized Cloud Storage & Networking Framework

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3Cloud is a network composed by cluster computing, made possible via P2P protocols, to realize a storage cum networking platform that runs entirely on verified-identity participation. It is an encrypted, secure, and cost-effective service that provides access to an underlying IPFS and multi-blockchain network within the browser to facilitate the following:

Current Networking Technology

Traditional Content Server

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Big Content Server

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Enterprise Grade Content Server

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IPFS Gateway

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3Cloud’s Decentralized Internet

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Typical Server Systems (HTTP-based)

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3Cloud Server Systems (IPFS-based)

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The 3Cloud Gateway is designed to upload/download data to/from multiple storage nodes in parallel. This BitTorrent-like parallelism provides a sizable performance boost when transferring data.

In this pattern, bandwidth is potentially costly as the data uploaded is ingress to the web server, but then egress from the web server to the 3Cloud Network, including the erasure coding expansion data.

With this integration, the data is separated from the IPFS machine. So if the machine running the IPFS node is completely destroyed the data will still be recoverable by pointing a new machine (IPFS Node) at the 3Cloud Network bucket that’s was used by the node that was destroyed.

Our Vision

What can be expected of 3Cloud?

A decentralized storage network that will ensure that no one entity controls the entire service. If one service provider controls the entire network and provides sub-optimal service, the customers have no option other than receiving a below-par service. A competitive marketplace for cloud storage services will require multiple providers competing to store customers‘ data, thus ensuring quality.



Customers will be able to delete the data from their computer systems and be assured that once they get their data back from the service provider, it’s still the same.


Enhanced Privacy

Only the customers will have access to their data and no one else. The service provider won’t be able to view the content.



The service will have inbuilt redundancy, so that customer is assured that their data is safe and hasn’t been destroyed.



The service will have a good performance level so that the customers are assured of being able to access their data as and when they need it.



The service will be cost-effective for customers. For example, the $23 per month fee charged by Amazon isn‘t optimal in today‘s era when storage technology has become very cheap.



The entire system will have incentives for the storage providers to participate and for the customers to use it.


About DataGateway

DataGateway is a Japanese technical consulting company that believes in creating value in the real world through data sharing, analysis, and protection.

DataGateway provides clients with cutting edge solutions of

to solve real problems and create value.

DataGateway takes on all kinds of data handling and emerging technology projects, mainly for large companies, and provides end-to-end solutions through its in house data science, blockchain, networking and cybersecurity team in Japan and Estonia.

In addition, due to our experience with smart city data analysis, we have a deep knowledge of smart cities in Estonia and abroad, and we can provide a comprehensive design that includes not only the handling of large volumes of data and the design of servers, but also the utilization of data related to the unique distribution of data in Japan.

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